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The Zone:坚持才能活下去更新至03期

The Zone:坚持才能活下去

  • 刘在石 李光洙 权俞利 
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英文歌曲名字是 《Intro AE 86》Got the chromeHit the zoneHit u all my timeAnd it fits the roadHad I knownSpeed to the topNo dropsWhat cha gonna doWon't stopJust like thatI'm right hereLike taillights flashGraciousLike a whale and thatPush 2 extremeI don't fall backOffensive wif a counterattackYou may like thatI was made like thisReady 2 risk, I don't missReady 2 winBattle of the mindLet the games beginUhAll the people jump in 中文:Got the chrome跳上黄色车Hit the zone踩下油门Hit u all my time一直踩下去And it fits the road才合适到路上去Had l known如果我早知道Speed to the top一直开到极速no drops不松脚What cha gonna do看你怎么办Won't stop我就是不停just like that就是像这样I'm right here我就在这里Like taillights flash像一道闪电Gracious多优雅Like a whate and that就像一只鲸鱼A kiss when I win我赢了就吻我And my wheels at that我的轮子在路上Push2 extreme一直推到极限I don't fall back我不会落后Offensive wit a counterattack谁咬上我就反击谁You may like that也许你想这样I was made like this我天生就这样Ready2 risk,I don'tmiss准备好冒险,我不会错过Ready2 win准备好赢得胜利Battle of the mind头脑在交战Let the games begin让我们开始游戏unAll the people jump in大家都跳进来吧

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